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April 16th, 2002, Tigers First Win
The Detroit Tigers, after going 0 - 11 through their first 11 games, finally won when me and my friend Paul went to see them. This was an amazingly legendary game. It all started when we bought 2 $12 tickets that came with a free hot dog and pop, and we sat along the first baseline, or the $30 seats. The game was going through perfectly as Paul and I yelled at Tampa Bay Devil Rays Rightfielder Ben Grieve. We yelled at him pretty much the whole game, and I think we finally got to him.

Ben Grieve
Then in the 7th inning it finally happened, a baseball fans most coveted prize, a foul ball. Dimitri Young was at bat and he hit a ball our way which I got my hands on. As you can guess, I was pretty psyched.

The Ball
All in all, this was probably the best baseball game I ever went to. For $12 what beats a baseball game, seriously.