A few good times....

Auggies Car & Dairy Queen
During the summer my friend Auggie is driving myself and my friends Clark, Joe, and Ben around Dearborn in his Saab. We pull into the Dairy Queen drive through and all of a sudden this light flashes on in his car, a red triangle light. We all found this insanely funny, because none of us knew what it was. So we think nothing of it and we stay in the amazingly long drive through line. When we are finally about to pull up to the window and we start to drive, and we smell something burning, and we look and Auggies car is now smoking from under the hood. We all jump out and push the car to the end of the drive through, and we waited til it stopped smoking. You can imagine how angry the people were behind us waiting for their ice cream on this hot day. So we waited til the car stopped smoking and drove it 2 blocks to my house, where we found out the car was rediculously low on some kind of engine fluid or something. Auggies car was broken for about a week and half.

Maurice & The People Mover
One day during the summer a few friends and I went down to Detroit to catch the Tigers game. After we found out all the cheap tickets were sold out, we decided to take the people mover down to Greektown to go eat. Not knowing exactly what we were doing, we all jumped on the people mover, leaving my friend Maurice alone at Grand Circus Station, the doors closing in his face before he could get on. The mover drove off into the sunset, leavign Mo stranded. Luckily, since the people mover only goes on one track and switches over at a later point, we only went to one stop and back before we met back up with him. We all had a good laugh and capped off the night with pizza.