What is your favorite song ever. Here i will voice the opinion of me and my friends.
Me The Web King Bryan - Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
Nick Fanto - I have three, AC/DC - Highway to Hell, AC/DC - I Feel Safe In NYC, and Def Leopard - Pour Some Sugar
Brandon Boyer - Cat Stevens - Father And Son
Josh Twehues - Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice, Baby
Ryan Meadows - Metallica - Fixxxer, then later changed to Alice In Chains - Them Bones, and Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal, later changed to Pressure - Shameless, which is his own band so it doesnt really count
Tim Ransom - Timbaland & Magoo - Up Jumps The Boogie
Ali Fawaz - Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Paul West - Blink 182 - What Went Wrong, Our Lady Peace - Clumsy, Bob Dylan - Hurracaine, and Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me
Joe Curran - Phish - Harpua
Tony Oddo - Queen - Bohemian Rahpsody
Kyle Manduch - Eagles - Hotel California
Ryan Sarb - Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Cunfused