bryancorpolongo: hey
DerekDHS2004: corpo its father suchy on dereks password
bryancorpolongo: hows it goin mr S
DerekDHS2004: i hate ohio otherwise well hows the wayne state
bryancorpolongo: pretty crappy
DerekDHS2004: studies?
bryancorpolongo: i dropped math, my other classes are fine
DerekDHS2004: i went to wayne for one semester, i went out with the biggest set of knockers there, margaret santefemia
bryancorpolongo: the girls here are horrible
DerekDHS2004: she wasnt bad but she was some greek or something i still remeber her tits
bryancorpolongo: o mr suchy, i wish i could have been around wayne in those days
DerekDHS2004: true story, i use to dress like shit because i had no money, she took me to Oakland mall and bought me a disco outfit
bryancorpolongo: i think you told me this before
DerekDHS2004: i dropped her off and threw it at her
bryancorpolongo: did you tell her disco is for fags
DerekDHS2004: she was crazy, i remember she told me "dont think your ever coming back" oh. OK
bryancorpolongo: hahaha
bryancorpolongo: so you truely hate ohio that much
DerekDHS2004: whoever married her got a mouthful
bryancorpolongo: haha
DerekDHS2004: ohio is ok if your into lousy drivers and livestock
bryancorpolongo: you ever gonna movie back to the metro area
DerekDHS2004: i signed a one year contract on April 30th, to be honest i have a very good job but i will try to move back
bryancorpolongo: i heard derek might go to wayne state next semester
DerekDHS2004: maybe at best
bryancorpolongo: live in the dorms
DerekDHS2004: you guys dont know detroit like i do, i either lived or have been in it most of my life
bryancorpolongo: yea
bryancorpolongo: i hate it
bryancorpolongo: the downtown is coola nd other areas are cool but the wayne area blows
DerekDHS2004: its a hangout for a lot of crazy people that dont attend the school
bryancorpolongo: really
DerekDHS2004: white guys that are crazy is bad, crazy black guys can make your heart skip a few beats
bryancorpolongo: im actually friends with more black guys down there then white guys, the white kids who live there are all nerds
DerekDHS2004: the students are allright it is the surrounding area
bryancorpolongo: i wish there were places to go, but then again i have no money
DerekDHS2004: you live on campus dont you
bryancorpolongo: yea
DerekDHS2004: you need to get a woman lives in birmingham and has money
bryancorpolongo: thatd be great
DerekDHS2004: find one of those rich girls that daddy wouldnt send away to college
bryancorpolongo: god id be in heaven, id have a hot rich girl and id be BSin my way through college, id have it made
DerekDHS2004: you get one that drives you back to birmingham during the day. daddy wont let her take you back at night, to unsafe. your sleepin in their basement
bryancorpolongo: thatd be great
bryancorpolongo: what would be better is if derek went here and we both did it
DerekDHS2004: derek needs a garden city girl that beats his ass when he steps out of line
bryancorpolongo: hahahaha
DerekDHS2004: i went out with a gc girl she was beautiful, few days go by that i dont think of her
bryancorpolongo: really
DerekDHS2004: met her at michigan state, for four years we went together on and off
bryancorpolongo: so what happened
DerekDHS2004: i got tired of late night phone calls to get her out of a college bar where some guy was hitting on her
bryancorpolongo: o
bryancorpolongo: she was a bar girl
DerekDHS2004: not really, she had those days where she was "stressed out", i couldnt drink...............she went i didnt
bryancorpolongo: o
DerekDHS2004: she lives in manchester near ann arbor now and teaches school
bryancorpolongo: you ever talk to her
DerekDHS2004: couple of years ago
bryancorpolongo: so if derek does go to wayne wheres he livin
DerekDHS2004: i dont know kent state seems like a better option
bryancorpolongo: oh ok i see how it is
DerekDHS2004: that kid would really have to study
bryancorpolongo: whys that
bryancorpolongo: waynes a walk in the park
DerekDHS2004: that would be central park with him
bryancorpolongo: what do you mean?
DerekDHS2004: he doesnt like to study
bryancorpolongo: o me either
DerekDHS2004: what are you majoring in
bryancorpolongo: nothing, i might be done after this year, im taking real estate classes this january and ill prolly be an agent by summer
DerekDHS2004: are you going in january
bryancorpolongo: to wayne, yes
DerekDHS2004: dont quit i didnt even go to college my first year out it pays off in the long run
bryancorpolongo: im just so bad at school
bryancorpolongo: im failing math, ive only been to poly sci like 4 times total and somehow i have a B and film is only one day a week, honestly i cant take classes
DerekDHS2004: ive never liked school, you have to find people that push your ass along
bryancorpolongo: girls
DerekDHS2004: if you find the right that drags your butt to study
bryancorpolongo: thats how my uncle met my aunt at wayne state
bryancorpolongo: he used to convince her to write his papers
DerekDHS2004: it works, you just have to treat her good
bryancorpolongo: yea
bryancorpolongo: i still hate school though
DerekDHS2004: you have one of the quickest minds of all of dereks friends, you like sports.........get into sports journalism, you will always be able to think of something to write
bryancorpolongo: my dad wants me to go into film writing
bryancorpolongo: but i dont want to go into show business
DerekDHS2004: there are papers and periodicals everywhere, plus you pretty work out of your home in todays hi-tech world
bryancorpolongo: true
DerekDHS2004: you see guys like you need that ability to get up and go when you want to
bryancorpolongo: yes im very lazy
DerekDHS2004: something to think about
bryancorpolongo: the only thing i get up for is for roller hockey tuesdays back in dearborn and the occaisonal dodgeball game at the wayne gym
DerekDHS2004: you still read the sports section? do you still follow different sports
bryancorpolongo: i follow baseball and football, alot of minor league hockey because there is no pro this year, but i dropped out of basketball
DerekDHS2004: its a good field........listen to those guys on wdfn you have a similar personality,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there all journalists
bryancorpolongo: o i always listen to sports radio, and howerd stern
DerekDHS2004: and they get paid for that
bryancorpolongo: quite good
DerekDHS2004: very good and they go to most major sporting events
bryancorpolongo: yea
bryancorpolongo: i dont know i dont really care what i do as long as im happy
bryancorpolongo: and makin good cash
DerekDHS2004: more cash more responsibility
bryancorpolongo: it wont be bad if i dont have a family, i wanna get married but i dotn wanna have kids
DerekDHS2004: nobody does at first, but it gets boring, aand you want one because it is really the first thing you both have together
bryancorpolongo: eh
bryancorpolongo: when i get there ill get there
DerekDHS2004: you'll see
bryancorpolongo: i hope i never move to ohio though
DerekDHS2004: good choice
bryancorpolongo: allright mr suchy im goin to bed
DerekDHS2004: take care
bryancorpolongo: good talkin to ya
DerekDHS2004: hang tough
bryancorpolongo: ill try