Today, of all days, isnt wednesday but tuesday, but if not thursday, hows bout saturday?

Cream Corn is the almightiest, with all that cream and such

Seriously, do you think regular corn can compare well it can't

Once upon a time there was a regular frog, nuthing special, end of story

Crazy George once saw a film on agriculture, and then was lost forever, in amazment with lettuce

if Only There was some real cabbage in the audience then we wouldnt have this amazing problem would we?

Stop, Collaborate and listen, I enjoy fish!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Twist, Cream, Saute, Mundane, Cancer

If The organs dont quit; Rob, your ass is mine

Holy days are reserved for the good the bad and the one legged farmers who, only in time of need, call upon their mules for guidence

Hey, you there, quit it!

If You are still reading you may have lost your mind, or pissed your pants!

Murphy and the boys had a grand old time, with all the hostile monopoly being played and all, but those damned murphy boys, they are a crazy bunch

I extremely hate franklin, and his mother's meatloaf

Walsh and his pants, those insane garmets of fabric

Together we can all reach happiness, or vermont

Around the world in 80 days sounds like a whole lot of lyin and cheatin to me

If only Jim were here, he wouldnt be there, but in fact here

Christopher and aunt Millie went to Idaho, but found only troubled toirtises there it became depressing, so they where forced to leave. Man, i blame it on aunt Millie. Trouble always is following her. This one time, Germany, she was walking along the berlin wall.......wait a second........I like trains

Creamed corn seriously has no business even fighting corn on the cob, because it would kick the cobs ass

I sometimes question school, then they mace me

Yea lets stop here for now