Once upon a hot cheese, Frank and the mules played haagen wheel, but found the rot was nicer
In the ligament, Peter felt violated
Cramer and his butter, kill the ostratch
Yosef, Yosef, sell me eggs, got the wenton in high felt
The DJ got restless, and sold his soul to Tim
Eleven trees of satin and the silver mice of galleleo, all of which are soda
If only you could breakdannce like the otter, you would be James
The lime begs to differ
Ronald Reagen, peanut butter doesn't go there
Where is the monkey palace, you know what I'm talking about
The bricks were heavy, and i like them, but jumbo shrimp is the yellowest of all
Seth and his Sea Monkeys are always the hit of the party, even when bloated
The duck and Harry went to Hungary, only to find that the hat said maybe
Pet Nepal if the round the goose
People down South talk funny, so does Alex and his retard
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