Jibberish IV

Today, Of all days, on the lone front , Jeremy found himself stuck between the two mightiest things to be found along the small county of Steven.
Grant, amazing Grant, He loved this thing, Grant loved it so, this thing was loved so by Grant.

Grape Spumante, and you call yourself a crawfish?

At a loss for words, Margeret was troubled with invisions of James Bufont The Third.

Cream of broccoli Toenail.

Uncle Joes declaration was a relief to the eskimos, who, after years of heartache, found themselves to be children of the wild oak tree.

Hot sauce is not only the hot sauce, but an invalid syntax error as well.

Horse's have extrenious day jobs, but the queen bee is lazy.

Jasoms father had two ideas, one for him and the other for harold down the outer wall.

"I supremely hate the color yellow" yelled joseph, then came the regret.

Bread and Butter, Fish and Chips, and Me and my Mother.

Cream of Broccoli Ashtray.

Wesrob of the outer flankton house was the only trigger to kill the pelican.

"Did Kellen shoot the geese?"

George did do it, and why i ask, we will never know.

Uncle Wilbur, you are the funniest

The frog on the dock said to me "go, find your brother, and i will grant you three wishes"

Cream Of Broccoli Panties