Jibberish 2003

If mule and franklin decided for it, it may be better, but to ask, thats just unreasonable.

Percy loved his greens, oh boy did he love the crow.

To me, ardvarks are like camels in now way, shape or magnesium?

Luis asher, dump the botany.

Jump, said james, and the mashes will do just fine.

Autumn is a season in which floods dangle

Jump back to George, and return to marmalade.

Take me there, but dont doodle, ill flip.

If dirty is mirty, and mirty is yirti, fructose is jam.

We will, no matter what the moutnain says, billy takes losanges.

janice loved bears, cept for frank, who wore ears like a swordfish

The apple fairy is a delightful nemisis; always flying with the foundry of the impasioned flared raisens. What a sight, you could see it for globes.

Burt seemed whimsical in the fact the tortellini was creavesing into huge dollars.

Angry monkey, do that caper just like Mary.

Dual inrollment aside, Jasper twinkled.

Reminiscing of older times, tuna times four.