My Conversation With My Friend Ryan

Bluto72357: hey
BygCee11: yo
Bluto72357: what is goin on
BygCee11: nuthin
Bluto72357: skip school friday
BygCee11: no
BygCee11: im cool
BygCee11: i dont care if you dont have school, im not a bad kid
Bluto72357: c'mon
Bluto72357: you afraid?
BygCee11: no
BygCee11: yes
Bluto72357: hahaha
Bluto72357: wuss
BygCee11: sorry, my father says i cant hang out with you anymore
Bluto72357: why?
BygCee11: im just kidding
Bluto72357: wuss
BygCee11: queer
Bluto72357: homo
BygCee11: transvestite
Bluto72357: Boy George
BygCee11: RuPaul
Bluto72357: wang face
BygCee11: nut licker
Bluto72357: ass sucker
BygCee11: male genitalia enjoyer
Bluto72357: testicle shitting rectal wart
BygCee11: male ass humping cum gussling banana fetish bus driver
Bluto72357: i know you are but what am i
BygCee11: you are a son of a big headed whore
BygCee11: :-D
Bluto72357: i know you are but what am i
BygCee11: i am rubber you are glue, what ever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you
Bluto72357: takes one to know one
BygCee11: shut up
BygCee11: im telling
Bluto72357: tattle-tale
BygCee11: i think that was the best insult war ever
BygCee11: agreed/
BygCee11: ?
Bluto72357: agreed
Bluto72357: put it on your website
BygCee11: ok